Free Coupons

free couponsFree coupons have been one of the most effective forms of marketing since their invention by the Coca-Cola Company in the latter half of the 19th century. Free coupons can be anything from traditional printed pieces of paper redeemable for various discounts, special offers, free product samples and giveaways, introductory rates, etc. — these are usually mailed to people, or found in newspapers — to more modern electronic forms, such as cell phone coupons and free online coupons that you can print.

Free grocery store coupons, along with various grocery store club memberships that offer extra benefits and discounts, are particularly popular since food and beverages are essentials that everyone needs. Free coupons can be issued by the manufacturer of a particular product or by the retailer who sells it. There is a difference between the two, since retail coupons generally reduce the applicable sales tax rates, whereas manufacturer’s coupons do not.

Free pizza coupons and other fast food promotions and discounts are also widely available. It is a really easy and convenient way to save money when you use these little pieces of paper or electronic promotional codes (also known as promo codes) to buy food and other essentials. If you don’t already receive coupons in the mail, you can always look up various deals online from retailers and manufacturers. They may offer trial period subscriptions to various products and services, special perks like free shipping, significant price discounts, or other similarly enticing offers. In some cases you may need to print free store coupons; in other cases, having a promo code is enough (not surprising, since so much of modern commerce is based on online transactions).

Companies want to convince you to use and like their products and services, and they are willing to let you try them for free or at a drastically reduced price. Take advantage of their offers with the use of free coupons!