Food Samples

food samplesEveryone has to eat; thus the market for food products is one of the biggest markets with inelastic demand (i.e., demand that will be relatively consistent regardless of the price). Free food samples are one of the best ways for the food industry to market its products, test the commercial viability of new products, and increase the customer base for already-existing ones.

There are tons of websites online that promote product test marketing based on free food samples, and they are usually run by marketing companies hired by the food industry. Consumers often have to fill out surveys that give the companies relevant feedback about their food quality. This site, for instance, lists a number of great offers for free food samples and food giveaways as part of the food industry’s product test marketing efforts.

Of course, humans have to eat, but so do our furry friends. Cats and dogs are the most common pets that people have, and there are many companies specializing in feline and canine nutrition. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of free pet food samples out there. Pet food manufacturers, particularly the smaller ones who have to use more radical ways of breaking into the market, often have some great offers for free dog food and cat food samples. And even if a company doesn’t offer free samples of food, most of them do have all kinds of discounts and introductory rates to help you, the prospective consumer, get to know the pet food product better.

Restaurants, including fast food and otherwise, also offer various free food coupons to make it more affordable for you to try out their product. For more information about the related topic of free coupons, especially free grocery store coupons and restaurant food giveaways, check out the “Free Coupons” page!