Drink Samples

drink samplesSimilarly to free food samples, the beverage industry also conducts a lot of product test marketing, allowing existing and potential consumers to try out new, proposed, or already popular products at low or even no cost. There are free drink samples of many kinds of beverages. There are free beer samples offered by breweries and restaurants, for instance. Or whenever a coffee shop like Starbucks comes up with a new idea for a coffee beverage, they offer on-site tests for the new drink, giving customers small, free coffee samples to get them to appreciate it, as well as to get valuable customer feedback. The soda industry is no different in this regard; juice and tea samples also abound.

One of the biggest and fastest-growing segments of the beverage market is energy drinks, so it should come as no surprise that competing energy drink manufacturers want to entice customers to try out their brand and convince them that their energy drink is the best on the market. The makers of energy drinks are extremely active on the internet, promoting their brands via product test marketing and giving out free samples for in-home product testing, as well as participating in various events and handing out free energy drink samples at particular locations.

Just like other forms and branches of product test marketing, free beverage samples and beverage testing are an important way for the industry to do market research for its new and existing products and to expand its customer base. It is also beneficial for you as a consumer, since you can take advantage of these free drink samples to experiment with new beverages and flavors, and potentially find new, exciting favorite drinks. For resources on how to take advantage of free drink sample offers, check out the “Request Free Samples” page on this website.